How to choose a wireless Router

Wireless Router is one of the most important technical devices, which is widely used by people all across the world. Router can be seen everywhere from home to an apartment to college & Institutions. Router falls under two major categories- wired router & wireless Router. Wired Router requires an additional cable that may acquire some space. Unlike Wired Router, wireless requires no space and it offers multiple features. When you look for a new wireless router, you should consider some important aspects such as bandwidth, price, performance, QoS and lots more. Before start buying the best wifi router, it is important to make sure that the router fits your need.

  • Bandwidth

Most people prefer using Dual-band Router, which is much faster than other bands. Dual band is equipped with two radios. The best part of the Dual band is that one radio works on 2.4GHz Frequency band while other runs on 5.0 Hz frequency bandwidth. It enables you to enhance the router speed whenever possible. However, this is not for all the Dual band router as some dual-band routers have one radio only. And, it can operate on either 5.0 Hz or 2.4 Hz. So, it is important to make sure that the Dual-band router is equipped with two radios. Did you use Tri-band routers? Yes, it is the choice of all the techies. When you have a house full of devices and want to spread the date around those bands, then Tri-band is the best choice for you. The Tri-band routers offer smart data management with greater efficiency. Well, it is recommended for office usage, but not necessary for the small house.

  • QOS

As you know, QOS is the quality of service. But, QOS of the router is not related to the quality of Internet connections. It is in fact, set of protocol equipped with the core router. If you use VOIP such as telephone and Vonage services, you can configure the router by using QOS properly. So, if any of your family is downloading large size movie or files when you are talking to someone over the phone, then the quality won’t degrade. This is very important router aspect, which is why router manufacturers always look into QoS. However, when it comes to increasing the network speed or network performance, QoS won’t help rather it just assists you in configuring the things. Be it an online games, simulations, video streaming or other such applications, one can easily configure on their own using QoS.

  • Price & performance

Last but not the least; you need to consider the price & performance. The router prices usually vary based on their functions, wireless standards, ports, smart data management, antennas and lots more. However, the price of smaller router ranges from $100 to $250. When you want to get the bigger one, you have to spend more than 500$. Fortunately, you can get decent routers for 50 dollars, but you can enjoy latest features from this router.

There are loads of wirelesses Routers to choose from. But, you have to choose the one based on the performance and functions.  Hope you got the perfect answer for How to choose the best router.

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