Could iOS 11 Bear a New Function Bar?

iOS 11 new function bar

Several years back when we only knew what phones were rather than smartphones, the term operating system was quite unknown to us. But as soon as the smartphone manufacturing companies started emerging as well as flourishing, people got associated with operating systems. Smartphones can certainly not function without the presence of operating systems in them. And when we actually talk about the OS the iOS operating system which has been actually created by the technology giant entity called Apple. It gives a solid competition to the counter OS like Android, Blackberry and also to Windows. And iOS is actually one of the well developed one in the market which supports the devices by Apple. Many have fallen in love with the convenience of the OS right after using the operating system for the very first time. And some even actually feel that no other OS could be this awesome.

Apple has actually till now launched 10 generations of the amazing OS and each one of them certainly has their own charm and is known for the great features which they bear. The iOS 10 for that matter is the current one which the users are using and they loved the features of the tenth generation operating system, especially the photo section which got revamped. People could make mesmerising and memorable videos out of it due to which they do not even have to look for video making apps. Even the 3D touch factor was something which was spellbinding and awesome at the same time. People could not get over iOS 10 when it got introduced into the world of technology. And now they are thinking of the features which could be sported by the iOS 11 and it is surely going to be better than all the predecessors.

Tech giants will definitely make the eleventh generation much more perfect than the rest of the OS in the series due to which the facilities which its will provide is going to be a class apart. If looked into the rumours, we can say that the iOS 11 might just come with an all new function bar.

Therefore, if at all the new function bar is getting introduced it would be exciting to see the way it would be actually designed. Even another feature called the Dark Mode can be envisioned from the eleventh generation iOS. This particular feature would end up providing a dark background and this would definitely be less stressful for your eyes. And it would surely be great feature to look forward to.

The users definitely want the tech gurus to come up with the feature Dark Mode for iOS 11. There is actually no doubt that the eleventh generation OS by the Apple company would be something great. It is in fact going to sport several more features which would be jaw-dropping.though nothing has been confirmed yet about the iOS 11 compatible devices.

Therefore, iOS 11 has actually every probability of keeping the expectations as well as hopes of the people intact as it might be the most powerful OS.

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